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General Information This report serves two purposes - to balance the total North Carolina income tax withheld as listed on the W-2 and 1099 statements with the amount required to be withheld for the
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CITV in scotland in partnership with sba TC developed skills tests on behalf of the construction industry it's the final part of your apprenticeship and you need to pass this to become a qualified crafts person and achieve your svq passing your skills test should not be too difficult it's a way of proving that you're capable of doing your job and if you are you should be able to pass the test so here's what you need to know you will set your skills test within the last six months of your apprenticeship there are test centers throughout the country maybe even in your college and both you and your employer will get plenty notice of where and when your tests will take place at college you'll assess all the time on what you've learned and the skills test is just another assessment of your knowledge and hand skills the only difference is that this test has been designed by CIT be SV ATC and employers the test has various elements and all are things you have been trained and tested on before in your phase tests and other assessments in college skills tests are based on skills required to perform the sorts of tasks commonly used on sites this proves to employers that you can work competently to commercially acceptable standards and at a reasonable speed if you don't pass your skills test you will struggle to find another job as a qualified crafts person or even get onto a site it's really important that you do as much as you can to prepare for your tests you should download the test candidate guide from the CITV website to familiarize yourself with the content of the test you also need to make sure you carefully read the joining instructions you've been sent you should speak to your employer as soon as possible if you feel you need any refresher training so that on the day you are confident and have the ability to pass make sure you know where your tests center is and how long it will take to get there if you don't live near a test center don't worry CI TB and your employer will help you sort this out on the day of your test timekeeping is really important if you are late you won't be allowed to start the test you'll be asked to prove who you are at the test center so you'll need to take photo ID with you you also need to take your tools to the test you'll get a list of what's needed from CITV don't forget to bring and wear the right personal protective equipment if you don't you'll be refused permission to sit the test before you start you get a detailed induction and you'll be given a test booklet containing a description of the test it's important that you read the information for each task before starting each task has a description drawing and a list of the standards and tolerances that must be met in order to pass each elements what it doesn't tell you is how to plan the work so you have to arrange your own work program only after you have read these notes and feel confident in what you have planned should you attempt the task on the day you will...